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About Premier Salt™

Premier Salt™ is dedicated to providing the world's finest salts available. Premier Salt™ was founded by experienced restaurant owners and chef's out of a dire lack of availability of high-quality pure salts on the market. We search far and wide to provide customers with the purest and cleanest salts from around the world after years of dissatisfaction with the availability of pure, clean, premium salts. We solved the problem so you don't have to!

We launched our first products allowing customers to finally have access to pure and clean salts around the world. Premier Salt™ now provides the finest premium culinary-grade salts available around the world directly to the consumer without the need to buy in unreasonably large quantities. 

We offer a unique range of salts that formerly were unavailable to consumers directly and the quality can not be beat. Premier Salt™ ensures that all of our salts are unrefined, mineral-rich, have no additives and are chemical-free! You will not find any bi-products in our salts, our state-of-the-art technology ensures that you will not find any shells, sand, or flawed salt crystals. We invest in technology, processing, and quality assurance to ensure that you will always receive the perfect salt with no impurities. We think it's about time that you can count on your salt to be exactly that, pure and clean salt!

United States based and family-owned, the Premier Salt™ Company was founded by an experienced chef and family restaurant owner. We understand the demand for high quality non-refined salts and we are delivering them directly to your door with incredibly fast shipping. Now restaurant owners and home cooks can enjoy the salt that in the past would only be provided to very high-end restaurants. Today Premier Salt™ remains family-owned and fully dedicated to ensuring everyone has access to these incredible salts that have previously been unattainable by the average consumer. We stand behind our salt and we know that salt is one of the key components that will make or break your dish. When you need the best, you need Premier Salt™.